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The BritishSpanish Society Scholarship Programme awards talented postgraduate students at top universities and academic institutions, supporting cutting-edge projects which contribute to the aim of our Charity and build stronger individual and institutional links between the United Kingdom and Spain.
The BSS Grants Sub-Committee receives and evaluates hundreds of applications every year and since its inception in 2008 the Charity have worked hard fundraising more than £270,000 to award 54 scholarship awards and 16 bursaries with the invaluable support of our Principal Supporters.


Marking the 10th anniversary of the BritishSpanish Society Scholarship Programme 2008-2018, we would like to go a step further.
The Board of Trustees has decided to set up a BSS Members Scholarship Fund. That Scholarship aims to be funded by individual donations from our Members and friends in order to cover fields currently uncovered by the Principal Supporters.
Our target for this year is to raise £5,000 for the BSS Members Scholarship Award, so we are appealing to you for a donation –  however small to achieve that goal.


Click here and make your donation now.


We are delighted to inform that we have raised £2,000 in donations to date.
Thank you for your generosity and invaluable support!


All donations between now and May 14th will contribute to the BSS Members Scholarship Award.
Donors will receive an invitation to the Scholarship Awards Ceremony at the Spanish Embassy in May and, should they wish so, the donors’ name will be announced to publicly thank their generosity on behalf of the BSS Board of Trustees, Executive Council, the Grants Sub-Committee and the awarded candidates.
As a reminder, donations to the BSS are Gift-Aid eligible – which makes it tax effective to both the donor and the Charity.


Thank you for your generosity supporting academic excellence and facilitating the creation of links between the United Kingdom and Spain.

Full details about the BSS Scholarship Programme can be found at

If you need further information regarding your donations, please contact