Cervantes Routes 2023 – Route 1, the Spanish exiles in London

Event Date:

October 7, 2023

Event Time:

10:30 am

Event Location:

Russell Square Station Russell Square Underground Station

Cervantes Routes 2023 – Route 1, the Spanish exiles in London

London was the capital of exile for many Spaniards, the other homeland. Protestants and liberals wandered through it and, a century later, this London saw the end of the Civil War and the exiled republicans suffered the bombings of the Second World War.

In order to get to know the Spanish presence in Britain and to thank them for their contribution to Spanish culture and to the memory of all of us, we will visit the places where they lived and worked and, following in their footsteps, we will delve into their experiences and secrets.

In this tour, we will focus on the most important places of our Protestant (16th century), Liberal (19th century) and Republican (20th century) exiles.

Manuel Chaves Nogales, Luis Gabriel Portillo, Josep Trueta, Esteban Salazar Chapela, Arturo Barea, Rafael Martínez Nadal, Antonio del Corro, among others.

We will follow in their footsteps, starting in the intellectual quarter of Bloomsbury, continuing through the legal quarter of Holborn and ending in The Temple.

On this walk, we will find out where they lived and worked and learn about their contributions to British society, especially during the Second World War.

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  • Russell Square Station Russell Square Underground Station
  • London WC1N 1HX
  • WC1N 1HX
  • UK

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  • October 7, 2023 10:30 am
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