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Friday, 20th FebruaryGuided Exhibition: Gloria Ceballos ‘Nature, a cultural artefact’Instituto Cervantes

Venue: Instituto Cervantes

Date and Time: Friday 20th February from 11.00 – 12.00

Tickets: Free

What to expect: ‘Nature: a cultural artefact’ represents Gloria Ceballos’ constant research about the human relationship with nature. As city inhabitants our experiences of nature are restricted to parks, gardens and other green areas within our cities: the “cultured nature”. We call green spaces a natural environment, when in reality they are human-controlled places.

In our aim to control everything, nature is classified, organised, designed, and theorised. The ‘three natures’ concept studied for many authors since Cicero and developed by Landscape theorist, John Dixon Hunt, is the focus of Ceballos’ latest series of work presented in this solo exhibition at the Instituto Cervantes.



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